Yogabar Multigrain Energy Bars – 380gm (Vanilla Almond, 38gm x 10 Bars)

Yoga Bars are perfect for anyone looking for that healthy pick me up snack between meals, travelling, working late in office, want a healthy snack for their kids or anyone looking to get through that tough workout routine. Yoga Bars are special because they have been made keeping your health in mind. Yogabars always have 100% natural ingredients. This ensures that you are not filling up on additives and preservatives but wholesome food like the kind you would make in your own kitchen.Our first ingredient is always a nutrient dense ingredient like whole grains,nuts or seeds
25 – 30% Whole grains & complex carbs. We use: Brown rice,Little millet,Foxtail millet,Oats,Buckwheat,Amaranth
10 – 15% Nuts. We use: Almonds,Cashews,Peanuts
All round more protein and fiber
10 – 15% Seeds. We use: Flax,Chia,Sunflower,Sesame,Watermelon,Melon,Pumpkin
No Corn Syrup or Artificial Sweeteners and No Hydrogenated Oils . We also do not use any artificial preservatives: We don’t want our bars lasting years on the shelf. We focus on what’s important – long term health of our consumers
Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place
Specialty, Natural,non-hydrogenated

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