VR SHOPEE Furniture Corner Guard for Kids/Baby Safety – Set of 4 Pcs. – Transparent

Furniture Corner Guard for Kids/Baby Safety

Premium Baby Child Kids Safety Corner Edge Cushion Protector Corner Guard. Baby’s Security is Mother’s Happiness: Babies are like free birds, they love to move and play around the house. But sometimes corner & edge hurt your little baby bird, this corner cushion guard to protect your baby, After all your baby’s smile is the ultimate source of happiness. Purpose: Corner and Edge Guard prevents accidental injuries to the little ones caused by bumping into sharp edges and corners of the Mabel, Appliances, Furniture at home.

Installation Method: Clean the surface using warm soapy water and let it dry. Make sure there is no grease, oil or dirt on the surface. Stick the double-sided adhesive tape to the both inner sides of corner. External glue and transparent tape can be used to stick the product more firmly.

How to Remove: Squeeze some toothpaste, and then use the cloth is very easy to remove.

Warning: Please do not touch the adhesive surface with bare hand during installation also do not reuse the adhesive tape, as the ability of the double-sided adhesive shall be weakened. Child proofing products are not a substitute for constant and appropriate adult supervision, Stop using the product in-case of damage. The adhesive used in this product may cause slight damage to the paint on the furniture while removing.

Specifications: Color to match the Marble, home appliances, Partitions, Furniture. It’s used for the corners of your table, top and desk to prevent painful bumps, protect your body and kids bump the desk carelessness, Comfortable and necessary.Material High Density Foam which is soft as well as durable. It protects baby from unexpected danger of hitting sharp edges of furnitures, cabinets, doors.
Easy to install. First, open the two adhesive tape and apply them tight on the two edge guard and then apply securely to furniture respectively, Cute design, no damage, no scratches, stains on your furniture.
Transparent Corner Guard To Suit Any Color Furniture In The House. It is Almost Invisible on Your Furniture.
Keeps you forever tension free, never again will you feel fearful and anxious that your child is at risk of serious injury. Our guaranteed and tested products protect your children and making you to live stress-free.
Pack Contents : 04 Pcs Corner Guard / Protector + Self Adhesive Tape.

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