VIVNITS Extreme Unisex Magnetic Back Brace Posture Corrector Therapy Shoulder Belt For Lower and Upper Back Pain Relief | Band Posture Corrective Real Doctor Belt For Men & Women – (Free Size)

Enjoy positive effects by changing your body position. Prevent yourself from hunching by using this effective posture correction brace!
We can find ourselves hunching at various places and times. We usually do not even notice our hunched back while sitting or walking.
Bad habits can creep in and you may notice tension or even pain in your back, neck or shoulders.
Besides, bad posture can lead to fatigue, shortness of breath or even medical conditions.

These issues can be fixed by a simple solution!
Our posture corrector can help you change your body position by pulling your shoulders back and straightening your posture.

You will soon notice affirmative effects of regular use of the posture support brace:
✔️The back muscles will gain a long-term memory for keeping the correct position and you will form a habit of keeping your posture straight.
✔️The back brace will also provide a firm support for your lower back and waist.
✔️You will hold your back straight, your back muscles will gradually feel more relaxed and less tired due to lesser muscle strain and stiffness.

Please note:
✔️ Put on the posture corrector as a vest, fix the waist belt using the velcro. After that pull the waist brace down and use the the smaller side belts for additional tension on the waist.
✔️ For best results wear the posture corrector at least 60 minutes every day.
✔️ Using the posture correction brace will require some time for you body to adapt.
✔️ The posture support brace at first may feel uncomfortable. In that case try to find a more comfortable position by pulling your shoulders back.

We are always here for your questions or comments
Please send us a message regarding brace size, an exchange or a replacement.
In case you wish to return or exchange your ordered brace –
Contact us and we will take care of it!
✔️PREMIUM POSTURE CORRECTOR FOR MEN & WOMEN : Provides firm but delicate backing, holding you up from slouching As back and neck pain are the symptoms of wrong posture, these can be fixed by this correct posture support It is in a way easy to use, wash and last longer.
✔️Heat resistant rubber with high modulus of elasticity improves life of the belt and Comfortable immobilization provided by this belt makes it an ideal belt for everyday use in mild back ache.
✔️It can be worn during daily routines Its applications include lumbar spondylitis, intervertebral disc syndrome, low backache, postural fatigue, postural deformities, mechanical stresses due to poor posture and osteoporotic pain of the lumbar spine.
✔️Our Unique and lightweight designed Posture Corrector Support is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or any other dress. You can make the most of your posture trainer, such as you can wear our kyphosis posture corrector while at work, home or out.

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