Versa Shield 2.0 Anti-Bacterial Protective (Red) Mask for Kids with 3 Layer Filtration – Pack of 3 (Lab Tested)

Versa Shield 2.0 Anti-Bacterial Protective Mask for Children- All purpose (Bacteria, Dust, Pollution, Droplets, Pollen, Particles) – Boys and Girls

Our Product: Lab Tested by SITRA, Versa shield is an all purpose protective mask that can be used again and again. Built with 3 super thin filtration layers that makes this mask efficient and comfortable.
Outer Layer: helps in protecting from air pollution, allergy causing pollen, germs, bacteria, dust, carbon emissions from vehicles, air borne particles, droplets and more.
Protective Layer: reduces chances of contamination
Inner Layer: extra layer for filtration.

Best For:
Travel: A recommended travel accessory whether you travel by air, train, bicycle, car, or just walking around.
RIDING: Riders face a lot of exposure to air pollution and vehicle emissions apart from dust and harmful particles in the air. Mask is an important necessity to offer resistance from such harm.
School: Wear it to schools & other party places where it is difficult to maintain social distance

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✔ Smart Design: Attractive colors and comfortable design make it appealing as well as provide safety. Good quality elastic band used that fits behind the ear. Can be used for up to 20* gentle washes.
✔ Advanced Materials: Made from soft, breathable and light fabric that allows air to move through easily without causing suffocation.
✔ Perfect Size: Suitable for kids, girls and boys, up to 15 years of age. Wear it to school or a party.
✔ CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dip & Soak, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Wring, Drip Dry.

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