Vaoza Face mask for dust pollution for men women kids bike bikers air anti pollution dustproof mask washable reusable, Black Pack of 1

Product Description:

1. Vaoza Neoprene Half Face Mask is Stylish solid mask, high quality, effortless breathable, soft, comfortable and strong filtration function, Washable and reusable.

2. It is designed with of ear-hanging type, for better fitting with various types of faces.Usually used Fog weather,Dust weather, Fog and haze weather, Crowded bus, train, Airplane,Congested city streets, Hospital,Building site or Out-sports etc.

3. The product is able to block dust and microorganisms, and it will not cause tension or anaphylactic reaction for long-term wearing. High Grade Cotton Cloth is adopted to reduce the falloff of fabrics, which is convenient, practical, safer and more healthful.

Highly efficient filtration:

Filtration Efficiency >96% (0.1 um) Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (3 um) >95%,Full width, pliable nose-piece.

Perfect protection against snow, wind and sun in winter which is a cut-out for nose breathing
The face mask is made of soft material and is super light which makes it very pleasant to wear in all seasons
The face mask is made such a way so as to provide maximum protection in all kinds of weather
Weighing only 9gm, the face mask is extremely lightweight. You can carry it around or pop it in your bag without worrying about extra weight
Neoprene belongs to the family of synthetic rubbers and is the same material with which scuba wetsuits are made. It is a very versatile material which covers a vast range of temperatures, which makes it an ideal wear in all seasons

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