Vaadi Herbals Foot Cream, Clove And Sandal Oil, 150G

Why do our feet need extra care? The skin all over our body, including that on the feet, is exposed to harmful factors almost every day. However, the feet tend to take a beating worse than any other part. Suns harmful uv rays tan them and cause free radical damage (leading to wrinkles). Low humidity and winters steal the moisture and result in dryness and cracking. Dust and pollution may block the pores. Sweating may lead to bacterial or fungal infections. Furthermore, our feet are unquestionably more prone to get wounded, cut etc; as well as are susceptible to sores, corns etc. And ageing skin loses its ability to repair any of the damage done. To add to this, it is the muscles of our feet that suffer, whether we walk, run or exercise. Thus, our feet demand extra care. How does thyme help in foot care? The main active constituent of the thyme herb is thymol. It is very popular for its potent anti-septic properties. Its topical application is known to be beneficial in treating rashes, cuts, burns, sores and other skin conditions. Additionally, its anti-fungal property also makes it extremely effective against fungi, which are responsible for toe-nail infections. Thyme exhibits a stimulating action on both, the blood circulation as well as the nervous system; while relieving inflammation as well. This greatly helps in relaxing tired and over-worked feet muscles.

Clove oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sandalwood, thyme
Cocoa butter – cocoa butter is another powerful natural moisturizer which bears a heavenly chocolate aroma that helps calms the nerves while the butter seeps in the skin’s layers to cure allergies
Sandalwood extract – sandalwood is a great skin care product for both dry and oily skin
Clove oil – extracted from syzygium aromaticum, which is found in indonesia’s maluku islands, clove oil helps in keeping off the microbial activity from the skin surface; jojoba oil – simmondsia chinenis or jojoba tree yields this highly moisturizing jojoba oil and it is commonly called as wax ester
Country of Origin: India

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