Urban Handicraft Kansa Wand for Face/Body/Foot Massager with Teak Wooden Handle Small Bronze Capped Small Kansa Wand for Deep Relaxation Pack of 2

Unburden yourself with this ancient art of massaging to achieve deep relaxation & luminous skin with natural Lustre & radiance that surpasses all beauty treatments. The beauty lies in the simplicity of this versatile tool that can be used for Abhyanga, as self-massage for both head or face or as a relaxing massage treatment in a spa. It is an artisanal facial massage tool, sometimes called Kansa, that is made from teak and a high-quality bronze traditionally called the “Queen’s metal.” We proudly offer this superior grade tool that consists of a high density of bronze for advanced therapeutics and pronounced durability. Bronze has many healing qualities that make it very effective for facial rejuvenation purposes. Often called the ‘healing metal,’ it first appeared about 5000 years ago and was created by a culture in the Indus Valley that contributed to the traditional medical system of Ayurveda.

Handy and Aesthetic Tool With Hand Carved Wooden Handle for Better Grip And Handling.
Massage for Detoxification And Deep Relaxation. Bronze Is Beneficial For Eyes, Hair And Heart, Tin Helps In Balancing Digestion And Sleep Patterns
Get Instant Beauty Enhancement And Breathe New Life Into Your Skin To Look Younger, More Alive And Vibrant. Ensures A Better Absorption Of Nutrients In The Scalp, Promoting Hair Growth.
Activates The Acupuncture Points And Meridians To Increase Health Of The Skin And The Whole Body. Reduces Redness, Swelling, Congestion And Puffiness (Especially Great For Around The Eyes)

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