UNYBUY® Yoga Strap Resistance Band| Latex Rubber Sports Fitness Training Equipment Workout Pilates Gym Physical Therapy Yoga Perfect for Tone Legs Ankle Arms Thigh Physical Therapy Warm Up

Say hello to UNYBUY resistance bands and bid farewell to hassle exercise from now on. Just throw the fitness bands into your briefcase or shoulder bag and take them with you to your home, office, Pilate class, Yoga studio, physical therapy center. Mobile Workout anytime, anywhere.

Our UnyBuy stretch bands have been designed for explosive endurance strength training and they make a great addition to any home routine you already perform: whether it be P90X, CrossFit, or a workout of your own formulation!

It is much more effective than weights as it expands to help you with different stretching exercises. The flexibility of this band allows you to do a range of lower and upper body exercises.

It is a total body fitness equipment that builds muscles, flexibility and balance. The band handle is also comfortable to try strenuous routines without straining your hands.

Premium Natural Latex:
Professional grade durable natural latex ensures these bands will hold up no matter how intense your workout is for years and years.

Use Individual Or Combined:
Keep on workout with these resistance bands, you can not only rehabilitate your shape, but also increase both strength and flexibility in subtle and natural manner.

Suitable For Everyone:
These resistance loop bands are great for women and men of all fitness levels. No matter you are a beginner or expert, you will find your suitable resistance.

✔ Best daily workout, promotes the greatest amount of weight loss rubber bands. Effective in building endurance, stamina and speed. A favourite amongst Boxing, MMA, CrossFit and Cross Training enthusiasts. Can do a variety of jumps – cross overs, jog in place, side jumps, skips, and double-unders.
✔ Gym risistant band and stretch band is made of ultra-durable latex rubber that will not break or weaken over time.
✔ This stretch band offers resistance to work muscles throughout the whole body progressively and safely. Use the resistance band for legs, arms, back, ankles, hips or shoulders. It improves one’s stamina, strength, balance, flexibility and fitness.
✔ Dimensions : Length – 48 Inches x Width – 6 Inches

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