UDDHAV GOLD Pure Copper Bottle for Water 1 Liter Dirt Proof Leak Proof and Joint Less Ayurveda and Yoga Health Benefits Water Bottle (Mat Finish)

Start Enjoying The Health Benefits Of Your Own Copper Water Bottle Allow Your Water To Remain In The Bottle Overnight Or At Least 8 Hours For Best Effects. In The Morning, Enjoy A Daily Dosage Of Energized Water. No Wonder Our Ancestors Had Copper Vessels For Drinking Water. And Don’T You Think They Had Lived Longer And Healthier Than Their Modern Aqua-Filtering Counterparts! A Debate May Be On, But Again, Copper Water Is Definitely Good For All Of Us. This bottle has the following uses : Drinking Water in Copper ware (stored for 8 hours or overnight) has following well-known health Benefits Prevents water-born diseases Helps the digestive system to perform well Aids in weight loss Slows down aging Good for cardiovascular health Maintains hemoglobin level Regulates the working of the thyroid glands Stimulates the brain Its anti-inflammatory Fights free radicals Water Is The Most Essential Element To Sustain Life On This Planet. 70 Per Cent Of Human Body Is Made Up Of Water. You May Have Not Known This But In Ancient Times, Our Ancestors And Even Our Grandmothers Followed The Practice Of Storing Water In Containers Made Of Copper. Their Aim Was Probably To Safeguard Drinking Water But There’S More To The Story. In Today’S Modern World Where We Have Uv Filters And Ro Purifiers To Purify Water, The Storage Of Water In Metal Containers May Sound Old-Fashioned And Not Needed. However, This Age-Old Practice Referenced In Ancient Texts Of Ayurveda Is Now Supported By Several.

Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle is based on the ancient practice of Ayurveda
Drinking from an ayurvedic copper water bottle, copper cup, copper pitcher, or copper jug is a great way to easily optimize your health

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