True Elements Multigrain Oatmeal 1kg – Sugar Free Cereal for Breakfast, Power of Multigrain Oats, Jowar, Amaranth & Barley Flakes

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Health Benefits of True Elements Multigrain Oatmeal:





Helps in Weight Loss:

True Elements Multigrain Oatmeal consists of dietary fibres in high quantity, which makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time and avoiding you to consume junk, thus helping in Weight Loss.

Contributes to Muscle Gain:

Being packed with abundant plant-based Protein, our Multigrain Oatmeal is highly beneficial in contributing to muscle gain without having any adverse side effects to your body.

Protects Heart Health:

True Elements Multigrain Oatmeal low in carbs & calories, hence blood sugar levels are properly maintained without causing any risk of cardiovascular diseases to your body.

Enhances the Skin Health:

Being rich in Antioxidants, there is no entry of harmful particles entering into your body, due to which there are no risks of inflammations on the skin and hence your skin health is intact.


Benefits of Rolled Oats:

Our Multigrain Oatmeal comprises of 26.9% of whole-grain Rolled Oats. These are highly rich in protein & fibre, which can fill you up for longer durations, thus helping you avoid binge-eating and thereby manage your waistline.

They are also rich in antioxidants, which can help fight inflammatory diseases and protect the overall health of the body from any infections.


Benefits of Barley:

Our Multigrain Oatmeal comprises of 5% of Barley Flakes. These are highly rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron, all of which can be helpful for bone health and heart health. It is also rich in fibre, thus helpful in improving the digestive tract.


Benefits of Jowar:

Our Multigrain Oatmeal comprises of 11.1% of Jowar Flakes. Jowar is said to contain around 48% of the daily recommended fibre required by our body. Power-packed with Protein, this super grain is highly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and gym freaks.

For those who are gluten-intolerant or suffering from Celiac disease, Jowar can be one of the best alternatives for Wheat, since it is naturally gluten-free.


Benefits of Amaranth:

Our Multigrain Oatmeal comprises of 5% of Amaranth. It is abundant in minerals like calcium, which is not only good for bone health but also helps in muscle growth. It is said to contain twice as much of calcium as that of Milk.


Rolled Oats


Barley Flakes


Jowar Flakes


Amaranth Puff






390 Kcal

396 Kcal


Whole Rolled Oats, Jowar Flakes, Amaranth Puff, Barley Flakes

Whole Rolled Oats

Real Fruits

Banana, Chikoo, Apple, Strawberry, Fig

Banana, Chikoo, Apple, Strawberry, Fig


Flax Seeds, Basil Seeds, Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds, Basil Seeds, Chia Seeds.

Welcome to a world that is Made of Truth. Welcome to True Elements, where we are





True to our Planet

From ethical sourcing to pollution-free processing, we stay true to our planet. Help us by returning this packet to be converted into cooking fuel and distributed among rural women.

True to our Food

We believe in minimum tinkering of our ingredients and use 100% Wholegrains, 0% Preservatives, 0% Added Sugar. 0% False Promises and Jargon. 100% Truth.

True to our Families

Like you, developed and managed by millennials for millennials and their families.

True to our Word

The first FMCG food brand globally to share 100% transparency of the entire journey of the products in your kitchen – right from the farm!

NO ADDED SUGAR: With ZERO added sugar, our Multigrain Oatmeal still tastes as better with the goodness of Raw Honey and Real Fruits.
FIBRE RICH: Being super-rich in Fibre, oatmeal can keep you fuller for a longer duration and can help you in not binge eating on junk foods.
NO PRESERVATIVES: Devoid of preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
DIGESTIVE HEALTH: As the whole grains are fibrous and has more complex carbs, oatmeal can help in easy passage of stools and might prevent constipation problems, thus improving the overall digestive system.

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