Tosaa Non stick 7 cavity appam patra with lid, 17 cm (200 grms )

Price: INR 370.00 - INR 272.00
(as of Jan 11,2020 04:09:33 UTC – Details)

For the best Uniyappams and Paniyarams: Crafted in good quality heavy gauge aluminium, Tosaa Non-stick 7 cavity appam patra is an exclusive vessel made for making Unniyappams, a popular snack from the state of Kerala. Unniyappams are made out of powdered rice, jaggery and grated coconut. The batter is poured into the oiled cavities of the appa patra and fried until golden brown. Some people even add small bits of banana to the batter for extra taste. These vessels are also used for the preparation of yet another delicacy, Paniyaram or Kuzhi paniyaram from the state of Tamil Nadu. Paniyarams use a batter of grinded black lentils and rice and is similar to that of dosa and idli. Chillies, ginger and shallots are also added to this for the extra zing. There is a sweet version to this with added milk and sugar. The preparation is same as that of Unniyappam.

High Quality Materials for Ease of Use and Durability: The non-stick quality of the Tosaa Non-stick appa patra ensures that only very little oil is required for cooking, besides avoiding the hassle of the food sticking on the cavities of the vessel. As non-stick utensils absorb heat very quickly, they are good options for those looking to save energy and fuel. The quality of the metal ensures that the Tosaa Non-stick 7 cavity appam patra is free from PFOA, making it environment friendly and absolutely safe for cooking with no health concerns. The set also comes with a metal lid for the vessel to ensure the well cooking of the food and also to avoid any oil splatters. Easy and simple to use, one can make quick snacks without any hassle.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: Wooden spoons are ideal to be used with the Tossa non-stick appa patra as no damage is done to the non-stick coating of the vessel while turning the food. This appa patra is easy to wash and clean. A soap solution and water would just be enough to clean the oil film and residue. However, one must be careful not to immerse the vessel in water immediately after cooking as it can damage the non-stick coating. Its best advised to let the patra cool down before it is cleaned.

How to Use: 1. Condition before the first use with a thin smear of cooking oil. 2. Cook over low to medium flame for best cooking results. High Flame can burn food,, waste energy and can result into surface discolouration after some time. 3. Do not use sharp objects like knives/ forks and metal spoons with sharp corners/ edges. 4. Cool pans before washing to safeguard against rapid temperature changes that can cause warping. Important: Clean your Tosaa Die-cast cookware with warm soapy water using plastic scrubber/ sponge after each use to prevent oil deposition.Easy to clean
Gas Stovetop Compatible , Induction Bottom: No , Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Oil free cooking Non-reactive to food
Low gas consumption and preserve nutrients in food
German coating and safe use with wooden spatula
Heavy-gauge aluminium, slide non-stick interiors
PFOA free – non-stick cookware for healthy cooking (chemical free)
Superior non-stick interior coating for perfect heat conductivity
Colour: Black, Material: Aluminium,Induction base: No
Package Contents: 1-Piece Appam Patra (17cm/1.25 litres) and 1-Piece Lid
Do not cut or scrape with metal or sharp objects & Do not use on high heat
Clean thoroughly after each use in hot water with a mild soap or detergent and a dishcloth or sponge. Do not put hot product in cold water

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