THE CURIOUS BRAIN Chemistry Lab Utility for Kids (Multicolour)

1.50ml plastic beaker (2 no) 2. Test tube glass (5no) 3. Test tube holder (1 no) 4. Test tube stand (1no) 5. 5ml plastic pipet (2 no) 6. Rubber cork (1 no) 7. 100ml conical flask (1 no) 8. Glass straw (1 no) 9. Metal tripod (1 no) 10. Spirit lamp (1 no) 11. Asbestos net (1 no) 12. Empty plastic bottle for dry chemicals (1no) 13. Empty 50 ml plastic bottle (2no) 14. Red blue litmus book (1+1). 15. PH paper All material are India made. Regular quality. No manual include. Kids can apply their creativity to perform various experiments of chemistry. Kids very own lab.

Only lab utilities things, No chemical Inside kit.
Made In India, Make In Indeia. Regular quality
Great chemistry fun for kids.

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