The 7 Day Sleep System: Ultimate Vedic Guide to using Mudras, Yoga & Ayurveda for Curing Insomnia, other Sleeping Disorders and Helping You Sleep Like a Baby

Do you or anyone you care about suffer from Insomnia or other Sleeping Disorder?

If your answer to the above question is ‘yes’, you MUST read these shocking facts…

More than 70 Million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

– of these 70 Million, 45% suffer from severe chronic insomnia.

– of these 70 Million, 37% have admitted to have fallen asleep while driving
• Which results into 328,000 car crashes per year.
21% of which are fatal for all the parties involved.

– of these 70 Million, 73% suffer from obesity.

– these 70 Million people are 10 times more likely to fall prey to Depression and related psychological disorders.

Also studies have revealed that a person suffering from Insomnia is;
– 5 times more likely to have a heart stroke.
– 2 times more likely to have a brain stroke.
– 3 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. (men)
– 5 times more likely to have less sperm count. (men)

And, here’s the MOST disappointing fact…

The Common Remedy which is believed to be the perfect cure, the Sleeping Pill, is a temporary solution, effective only for a short-term, addictive and comes with a baggage of health hazards.

Here are some potential threats you are exposed to if you consume sleeping pills:

– They are Addictive
– They cause Drowsy Driving, which can lead to car crashes
– They cause sudden Weight Gain
– They cause Cardiac Disorders

Want to know a Full-Proof & No Side-Effect solution for Sleep disorders?

This is where the Vedic Healing System comes in.

Mudra Healing (healing through simple hand gestures), Yoga (Physical and breathing Asanas) and Ayurveda (healing serums) form the 3 pillars of the Vedic healing system.

Each day of ‘The 7 Day Sleep System’ comprises of ;

5 Mudras
2 Pranayam Asanas
3 Yoga Asanas
2 Ayurvedic Serums

This system provides you relief from Insomnia and other Sleeping Disorders, instantly and without any side-effects.

Want a deep, restful sleep? Get ‘The 7 Day Sleep System’ now…

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