Style Homez SHLBPUHS01C Unisex Hard Shell Briefcase 14-inch Laptop Bag with Strap (Cloud Grey)

The sleek, the stunning new hard shell contemporary laptop briefcase bag by Style Homez is the in thing ever. Keep your laptop bag with you always and may that be as safe as ever. The style homez laptop case has been designed with multiple pocket slots so you can carry accessories like note pads, chargers, pens and memory cards along-side your devices. This case features a durable non-scratch water-resistant hard shell exterior and a soft cushioned interior cover with silky smooth nylon. The quality material used to manufacture this case maximizes protection allowing you to keep your devices in a like brand new. The case features a durable rubberized top carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap to offer you a range of ergonomic carrying options that will reduce arm fatigue and back strain. This case is great for on the go, no matter where your destination is. Laptop bag will surely give you a great outlook in the day.

Multiple pocket slots, allows you carry much more with your device and safety foam inside for layered protection
Durable water resistant exterior, lined silky smooth nylon to maximize protection inside and belt to carry
Elastic straps inside to secure hold your device in place, prevent it from falling out of the bag even if opened upside down
Durable top handle, made in India
Country of Origin: India

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