SRXES Abdominal Wheel Ab Roller with Knee Mat for Exercise Fitness Gym Equipment Accessory Fitness Equipment Gym for Man and Women (Color May Vary)

Product Description

ab rollerab roller

Why Do We Sell Premium Ab Wheels?

Our goal is to create a high quality ab wheel that can keep up with even the most strenuous exercise and to help people achieve the abdominal muscles that they desire. Yes, there are so many machines at the gym that you could use, but if you need an excellent ab workout right away, this ab wheel is the perfect accessory. Not only is the ab wheel very portable, it has two wheels to ensure proper balance for working out all abdominal muscles evenly. We know that with our ab wheel, the fantasized “6-pack abs” will be much more attainable!

ab wheelab wheel

ab wheelab wheel

ab wheelab wheel

Additional Benefits Include Toning of Arms and Shoulders

Although the ab wheel is designed to primarily strengthen your core, a “secondary” benefit includes the toning of your shoulders and arms as well. To use the ab wheel, it will take a good amount of shoulder and arm strength to keep your body upright.

Increased Calorie Burn

When your muscles are working hard, the calorie burn in your body skyrockets. Using this ab wheel is no different. Your abs will be in a constant state of work, forcing the muscles to become stronger and more tone.

Perfect For All Body Types

Our ab wheel is super durable, so not only can it be used for the more petite person, but for a bigger and potentially much stronger person as well.

ab wheelab wheel

knee panknee pan

ab wheelab wheel

Package Contents:

– 1 x AB Roller
– 1 x Kneeling Pad

Comes With A Premium Knee Pad

The purpose of the knee pad is to help avoid knee injury and to promote a more comfortable exercise environment when doing ab wheel exercise.


-Dimension: 12 5/8″ x 7 7/8″ (32 x 20cm)
– Dimensions of kneeling pad: 13 3/8″ x 6 5/8″ x 7/16″ (34 x 16.8 x 1.1cm)
– Thickness of the steel pipe: 1.23 mm
– Length of the steel pipe: 9 3/4″ (24.8cm)
– Diameter of the rolling wheel: 7 7/8″ (20cm)
– Max. loading capacity: 300LBS
– Weight: 2.8LBS

ab wheelab wheel

Recommended Training Plans

-Kneeling posture (suitable for the beginners):
Kneel down on the pad, and hold your hands tightly on the foam handles, then roll forward until your torso and arms are fixed and then roll back.
– Standing posture (suitable for the exercise experts):
Keep your legs straight, bend your waist and hold your hands tightly on the foam handles, then roll forward until your torso and arms are fixed and then roll back.

Ideal For – Men & Women
Product Package Includes: 1 x Exercise Roller & 1 x Knee Mat
Product Weight – 1.5 kg, Please NOTE: Colours may Vary upon the Stock Availability.
Material – PP, ABS, EVA, Rubber

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