Spiffy Men’s Genuine Leather Wallet for Men Purse (Brown)

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If there one thing which you can be assured in this ever-changing world, is never fading fashion of leather. Leather has been a top choice among everyone since ages. So, whether you want to impress people or choose a wallet for daily use, Spiffy men’s wallet is simply phenomenal. Carry your valuable possessions with ease since our wallet has a room for everything. They are not only stylish but are durable enough which sticks with you on any journey!

Leather WalletLeather Wallet

Special Design for Special You!

Elegant Finish and TextureElegant Finish and Texture

Test the leather with lighterTest the leather with lighter

Genuine Leather CheckGenuine Leather Check

Look at Durability!Look at Durability!

Elegant Finish and Texture

When it comes to the material of wallets then there is nothing that can provide the same sophistication and classiness than leather. With Spiffy men’s wallet which has an exquisite texture and finishes your style can never go out of fashion!

Genuine Leather Check With Fire

If Spiffy leather wallet is your choice then you test if it catches the fire. We don’t just state but educate our customers how to test. Our pure leather wallet doesn’t catch fire stating its realness. The attribute makes the bag extremely sturdy and durable preserving the grace and elegance!

Pure Leather Check With Water

Leave a drop of water on leather to get a check on its realness. If it absorbed by the leather, its pure leather!

Look at Durability!

One of the most noteworthy aspects of our leather is the durability it offers. Upto 50 years of Extreme Self Life of leather!

Multiple Compartments for Each!Multiple Compartments for Each!

Multiple Compartments for Each!

If you’re a person who gets sick of voguish pieces quickly and doesn’t like to try other material then Spiffy men’s leather wallet is your choice. We know wallet becomes most important where you want to store your valuable possessions and having a compartment for each proves a boon. Our stylish leather wallet gives you freedom of storing in diverse section. It has a division for the chain, coin, cash, a protective closure, quickly accessible card holder and a plastic-covered section for easy access.

Uniform Hand Made CraftedUniform Hand Made Crafted

Uniform Hand Made Crafted

Choosing the right size wallet which proves compatible for each need can be arduous. But with Spiffy, it has become much easier like never before. The pure leather wallet is of 11×9 cm dimension which is roomy enough to suffice your needs!

Time to create an impactful and impressive style with Spiffy!

pure leather walletpure leather wallet

Made in India with 100% Genuine hunter leather
Separate easy access card and ID holder with 4 card slots. Total 12 card slots
Comes with 1 currency slot open and 1 with chain
1 compartment with chain for coin and other regular stuff. Whole wallet closure button for safety

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