SHREE AAVAD Anti pollution and Virus Control 3 Layer Mask for men women – Pack of 10

WHY SHOULD WE NEED THE DUSTPROOF MASK? Are you now troubled by dust chemicals, smoke, particles, virus and bacteria? Do you want to enjoy safe life? Are you live in haze days, dust, vehicle exhaust, air pollution? Our environment are full of dust, haze, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, and the dust mask can keep you from 98% dust ,dirt, pollen, allergens, fumes or particulates that effect you breath in the air. Product Features: Breathing easily Skin cared and comfortable in wearing Adjustable fitness between mask and nose with nose clip and earloop Health and environmental protection materials Dust mask with valve Specification Uses: Running, cycling, riding, motorcycle, woodworking, lawn mowing and other outdoor activities.This mask helps to filter out 99 percent of VIRUS AND INFECTIONS. Air filter has a LAB CERTIFICATION with 99.9% BE FILTRATION CAPACITY!! WIDELY USED BY DOCTORS AND SURGEONS AS THEY NEED HEAVY PROTECTION FROM THE VIRUS INFECTIONS!!
A perfect facial fit (has a nose bridge for perfect fit) with elastic ear loops Pack of 10
Soft,Comfortable,Odorless,Suitable for sensitive skin, Lightweight, Easy to breathe through. MACHINE MADE MASK, HYGIENE MAINTAINED AS PER LAB STANDARDS. EXPORT STUFF! ALREADY SUPPLYING TO 5 STAR HOSPITALS SAME UALITY
3 ply layer – Air filter is encased within 2 breathable outer layers to maintain HYGIENE and EFFECTIVENESS of the surgical face mask

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