RSP Nutrition QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner, Metabolism Energy and Focus Booster – 180 Capsules

RSP’s quadralean thermogenic fat burner is designed to support weight management, boost metabolism and target stubborn fat. It does this while simultaneously providing a boost of clean, sustained energy and focus. Quadralean thermogenic includes green tea, which work to provide a natural energy boost and appetite suppressant. It also includes paradise and cayenne pepper fruit extract to kick start your metabolism for optimal fat burning. This helps in overall weight management and fat loss. Our comprehensive formula includes choline and alpha-GPC to promote focus to help you stay zoned-in on your goals, both inside and outside of the gym. Quadralean thermogenic is an all-in-one energizer and weight loss supplement for men and women.Helps burn fat and manage weight
Controls appetite
Promote and maintain lean muscle
Accelerates metabolism
Enhanced energy and laser focus
Pre-Workout Energy
No jitters or crash
Packaging may vary

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