RMA HANDICRAFTS Plastic Rod Shoe Rack (Standard, Black)

Bringing in your shoes inside the house is really considered unhygienic. This brings in many unwanted things along like dirt, bacteria, germs, garbage, pet waste and what not. Most Asian families follow the tradition of removing their shoes before entering the house, which is a very good practice. To support this habit, a quality shoe rack is required for every household. RMA HANDICRAFTS Portable shoe Organizer rack holder is a perfect solution in this respect. It comes in a dimension of 65 X 18 X 60 CM cm that accommodates up to 12 pairs of shoes. The convertible shoe rack has a strong base that gives solid support to the rack overall. It is made of black color PVC and lightweight metal that makes it highly durable. The portable shoe rack is also detachable so that you can store it easily when not in use.This product comprises four racks, each having a capacity of storing ideally three pairs of shoes like slippers, heels, shoes, and loafers.Shoe rack
Plastic rod shoe rack
Colour : black

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