RiteBite Max Protein Active Choco Slim Bars 402g – Pack of 6 (67g x 6)

Striking the right balance between health and taste, the 20g RiteBite Max Protein Choco Slim Bar slips right into your active lifestyle. Packed with Omega, fiber, vitamins and minerals, this bar fuels you with 4 hours of sustained energy, making it the perfect go-to Power Snack.Max Protein Choco Slim bar is packed with protein and gives you the blissful and soothing taste of chocolate brownie
This bar is sugar-free, which makes it suitable for diabetics too.
This 100% vegetarian bar consists of 21 vital Vitamins & Minerals, Electrolytes, Omega 3, Amino Acid (L-Glutamine), which makes it wholesome
It is an on-the-go bar that helps you save time, while you get other things done in your busy life
It has high protein (20gm) and fiber (5gm) to keep you energized, so you stop at nothing
It’s prebiotic in nature and even helps you keep your hunger in check for 3 hours.

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