Rine 14g Max Protein Bar |Pack of 6 Protein Bars Sugar Free 100% |High Protein Content Choco Variant | 50 gm Nutrition Bars Each

Product Description

High Protein barHigh Protein bar

Complete Protein Profile

If you enjoy pushing the limits while working out, your body needs enhanced protein intake. Be it running a marathon, lapping the pool or lifting weights, we’ve got you covered! RINE protein bars offer 14 gm pure protein delivery in each protein bar and helps you build lean muscle mass in a healthy way!

14 gm Protein bar


Rich Chocolate Flavour

It’s not all about chocolate only, we’ve also added many superfoods for added strength to help you achieve your health goals. Well, we’ve got you carefully picked, high-quality cocoa, crunchy hazelnuts, watermelon seeds, and dates too. Another best part about our Protein bar is that they have 0% sugar added making them a complete sugar free protein bars.

Product Description

23 gm High Protein

14 gm Daily Protein fix

Advance Protein delivery


23 gm

14 gm

23 gm

Non- GMO

Added Sugar




Naturally Gluten-free

Meal Replacement


Almonds, black raisins, watermelon seeds

Hazelnuts, honey, cocoa , Full of healthy nuts & seeds (12%)


RINE Advanced Protein Portfolio

range of protein barsrange of protein bars

RINE Protein Bar Range

No matter your fitness goal, RINE Sugar free Protein Bar range is the perfect workout partner one who helps you stick to your diet, routine, provides energy and helps you build lean muscle mass in a healthy way!

CLEAN LABEL – 100% Sugarfree & 0% Added preservatives these RINE bars are no junk & sugarfree protein bars. No artificial sugars, No processed sugar, No brown sugar, No corn syrup, No sugar alcohols (sorbitol, erythritol), No Fructo oligosaccharides (FOS), No hydrogenated oils, No Liquid Glucose.You only add protein to your body while avoiding all the junk
TASTE CHALLENGE- RINE guarantees high nutrition bars with no compromise on Tasty. 97.3% of the consumers have found it highly Tasty unlike other bars which have medicinal taste. Its our guarantee.RINE protein bars are unbeaten in this challenge so far. Presence of Dates with Cocoa & Honey provides a smooth and soft texture that you will relish post your hard exercises
HYGENIC- RINE bars has its own manufacturing facilities with full automated line. Each nutrition bar is packed with Nitrogen flushed packaging technology without any human contact. This process maintains proper Hygene, Nutrition profile, Taste & Aroma for longer period of time to deliver high nutrition health snack for you
CONVENIENT HEALTHY SNACK-Pre work out ,Post work out , 11 AM Office break, Incase luch is getting skipped, 4 PM snack, Pre run,Post run. Our nutrition bars mix well with protein shakes too. Do try and you will be pleasantly surprised. Allergy alert: Manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, peanuts, tree nut, sesame, soya and dairy products. People allergic to these should consume only after consulting a doctor. May contain nutshell fragments.

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