REFIT ANIMAL CARE Nutritional Supplement Powder for Pregnant Cow, Cattle, Buffalo and Farm Animals (R-BOLITE + 20 Pouches Set)

R-BOLITE+ is a Nutritional Supplement For Cow, Buffalo, Cattle & Dairy Animals. It is made of high-quality raw materials. KEEPS YOUR ANIMALS HEALTHY.

SIZE:- 50 Gms x 20 Pouches

PRODUCT DIMENSION:- 17 x 9 x 17 cm  

PACKAGING TYPE:- 20 Pouches in Plastic Box

PRODUCT TYPE:- Animal Feed Supplement  

BEST FOR:- Cattle, Buffalo, Cow, Sheep, Goat, Horse

SHELF LIFE:- 36 Months From Date of Manufacturing  


✔ Cattle/Buffalo: One Pouch (50 Gms.) Daily

Please read all label information on delivery  

Nutrition Powder is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Minerals
Calcium and Phosphorus Supplement For Cow, Buffalo, Cattle & Dairy Animals
Helps to mobilize Calcium and Phosphorus
Helps in Smooth Calving
Please Read All Label Information on Delivery

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