Protinex Original Tin – 250 g

Price: INR 375.00 - INR 356.00
(as of Jan 13,2020 16:20:06 UTC โ€“ Details)

Protinex is the perfect partner for you in the race of life. It has zero trans-fats and contains adequate amounts of nutrients making it an excellent addition to your diet. Every glass of Protinex adds a feeling of vigour and achievement in your life that propels you to achieve your goals. Contains Soy Protein Isolate, not recommended for people allergic to peanut or soya.Hydrolyzed Protein (suitable for easy digestion)
Available in Delicious Flavours โ€“ creamy VANILLA and delectable ELAICHI
Fortified with Vitamins and Mineral for that perfect complete nutrition
Low in Fat content and 100 percent vegetarian source
Comes with over 50 years of trust
FSSAI License Number: 11217303000066

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