Practice of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the Veda or knowledge of Ayus or Life.It has been clled tas the fifth Veda.There are three main branches of Ayurveda and they deal with causes,symptoms and treatment of diseases.Ayurveda serves as the best guide for the healthy as well as for the sick.

Charaka,Sushruta,Vaghata,Madhava and Sarangadhara were the great Rishis or Fathers of Ayurvedic medicine.They were Yogis and and had great power of observation,generalization and analysis.Their students made wonderful researches.India’s fertility for medical herbs and plants contributed a great deal to the prosecution of their study of medicine.

The principles of Ayurvedic treatment,in the main,are the same as that of allopathic treatment.They consist of removing the injurious agent,soothing the injured body and mind,eradicating the cause.The difference lies in the methods of detail adopted by different systems.Besides,in Ayurveda great importance is given to the study of the various stages of variation of the three Doshas or humous of the body-Vatha,Pitha and Kapha.

A good book for the beginner.

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