Pharmacovigilance has evolved as a specialized branch in Pharmacology owing to the innumerable unfortunate incidents transpired during late 19th century. On the contrary to avoid the undesired effects of the drugs and to obtain best beneficial results appropriate drug selection as well as apt administration of suitable drugs with several principles of treatment have been mentioned way back in Ayurved. In this book the authors have made an effort to compile and elucidate the principles relevant to pharmacovigilance from Classical texts of Ayurved in a comprehensive way for easy understanding. This book will provide a new vista in understanding Pharmacovigilance from Ayurvedic perspective. Moreover Pharmacovigilance is an integral part of current CCIM Syllabus and this book meets the requirements of the syllabus points mentioned in subjects of Dravyaguna, Rasashastra, Agadatantara, Bhaishajya kalpana and Kayachikitsa like concept of Viruddha Dravya, Adverse effects , Knowledge of Pharmacovigilance in Ayurved and Conventional System of medicine, Drug Interaction and Incompatibility, Adverse Drug reactions, Iatrogenic Disorders and thus useful for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. The classical examples related to pharmacovigilance have been tabulated so as to enable quick reference .It thus serves as a ready reckoner for practitioners as well. The language is simple and lucid. The book is first of its kind to elaborate the concepts of Pharmacovigilance from Ayurvedic perspective.

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