Opta Yb-001 Cotton Resistance Stretch Band with 10 Loops for Exercise, Yoga, and Flexibility – Non Elastic Band and Includes A Travel Bag

Dynamic and static stretching tool: improve your flexibility and range of motion with the opta stretch strap. A dynamic replacement to static stretching devices or partner stretching. The strap’s elastic design enables a highly effective contract-relax stretch, while the product’s slight give supports a more comfortable static stretch. This functional dual purpose aids in dynamic stretching of major muscle groups.
Easy to use design: the opta strap’s numbered, multi-loop design helps users comfortably stretch for performance enhancement, increased flexibility, or injury prevention. The strap delivers a dynamic stretch that supports a variety of hand and foot holds to deliver optimal positioning, and the numbered straps allow for measurable and defined progress tracking.
Ergonomic :the opta stretch strap is made from double-stitched, high-tension cotton nylon is ideal for beginners and professionals alike and provides the perfect stretch for dancers, athletes, and anyone looking to increase their flexibility. The strap is portable and easy to use, providing you with a stretch aid that can be used at home and on the go.; Material: Cotton; Color: Black; Package Contents: 1 Resistance Stretch Band
Whether youre a dancer, gymnast, yogi, athlete or simply someone hoping to stay limber as you get older, youd benefit greatly from adopting a regular stretching routine.

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