ODO-RITE Shoe Odour Remover 50ml Shoes And Socks Deodorizer Also Used For Shoe Rack Smell Remover,Gym Kit, Sweaty T-Shirts, Leather Shoe Bag, Laundry Basket, Yoga Mat, Accessories

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ODO-RITE Shoe Odour Remover 50ml Shoes And Socks Deodorizer Also Used For Gym Kit Sweaty T-Shirts Leather Shoe Bag Yoga Mat Accessories

An innovative shoe odour spray that removes the persistent smell from insides of your shoes in a minute. Odo-Rite shoe odour remover works at the molecular level to remove the cause of odour, instead of masking the malodor. Odo-Rite shoe odour remover contains pathogens and good bacteria working from the very first spray in neutralizing odour. It is good for your footwear as it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is made from eco-friendly ingredients. It does not irritate or damage the skin and is an eco-friendly product. Odo-Rite shoe remover provides all-round protection and removes the lingering odour from footwear like sneakers, office, gym, and school footwear and all other kinds of footwear. The ergonomic and compact design of Odo-Rite shoe odour remover bottle helps you create an odor- free environment anywhere, anytime. It is suitable for all kinds of material like leather,PU,Cloths and soon. Odo-Rite shoe odour remover is your perfect partner during travel and workout sessions. Just place them in your travel kit or gym kit and forget your worries about a smelly bag or shoe.
How to use:
Spray Odo-Rite shoe odour remover inside the shoe or footwear and let it dry for a few hours, preferably overnight.
Spray 4-5 times or as required to eliminate the foul odor.
You can also use this one of a kind odour remover to eradicate the musty smell from the shoe cupboards, yoga mat, and even your gym bag.

Odo-Rite Shoe odour remover will help to get rid of odour from used shoes and socks.
User friendly for all kind of material like leather, PU, Cloths etc..
Also remover odour from Shoe rack smell remover, Gym kit, Laundry Basket, Sweat T-Shirt, Shoe bag, yoga mat etc…
Highly effective on bad smell on leather shoe and Portable bottle that can be kept in the pocket or travel bags
Use 4-5 Sprays in one shoe, spray more if it is required.

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