Myfitfuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate – 500 Gm (Unflavored)

MFF Plant Pea protein Isolate is the pure isolated vegetarian plant protein which is made from peas. In every scoop it provides high amount of protein with complete amino acid profile. Peas as a vegetable source is known to be gluten and lactose free which make this plant based product suitable for any individual looking for lactose, soy and gluten free source of Protein. It’s 100% vegetarian source of protein. This product is very is very easy to digest & mix. You can buy pea protein powder in different other flavor variants including unflavored. Benefits of MyFitFuel Plant Pea Protein Isolate MFF Plant Pea Isolate protein provides many benefits: It is best source of vegan plant based vegetable Protein It helps in increasing Lean muscle growth. It provides more amount of protein in every scoop as its pure isolated. It contains almost negligible amount of carbohydrate and is ultralow in fat. This Protein is high source of naturally occurring BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which helps to increase the overall muscle tissue for better muscle recovery and growth. This protein also provides high source of naturally occurring Glutamine which helps in the overall muscle recovery of body. It reduces the muscle soreness and also helps to get ready for next workout. This protein is also provides high source of naturally occurring Arginine. Its 100% Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Aspartame Free, No Sugar Added, No Artificial color added, No Artificial Flavors added. This Protein contains complete amino acid profile with all the essential Amino acids required by our body. This protein is very easy to digest & easy to mix. 1. How will MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate benefit you? Its ultra low in carbohydrate and very high in protein. If you are looking to complete your daily protein diet and this is the best source of protein. If you do any kind of fitness training then it will helps you in muscle repair and growth.Premium 100% Vegetarian Plant based Protein from vegetable (Peas) for Vegans. One of the best nondairy source of protein. Ultra low in fat & almost negligible amount of carbohydrate in every scoop. New Packing of 500gm (1.1 lbs) at same old approx. 450gm (1 lbs) price. Almost approx. 50 gm Extra protein.
30.3gm protein on “Dry basis” and 28gm protein on “As is basis” in Unflavored variant and it provides 5000mg BCAA’s, 4600mg Glutamine & 10.8gm Essential Amino Acids in every scoop in Unflavored. For Nutrition details of other flavor variants of MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate, please check their nutrition charts.
500gm lbs (1.1 lbs) comes with 14 Total Servings. MyFitFuel trusted by 100,000+ happy customers. You can authenticate every MyFitFuel Product through SMS or on our website through given scratch code on product. No Thickeners or Fillers added in this product. No additional Taurine, Glycine or any ingredient added which could lead to Protein Spiking.
Easy to Digest, Lactose free, Soy free and Gluten free. Ultra-pure Lab tested protein & ideal for lean growth. Complete transparency, you can check Protein Report about which protein used on MFF Plant Pea Protein Isolate product page on MyFitFuel website. No Dairy Whiteners, No Skim Milk Powder, No Sugar, No Color, No Artificial Flavor or Preservatives added.
First in India in year 2013 to bring knowledge on 100% Transparency including information on cheap fillers, thickeners and now in year 2017 we are first in India to bring better education on knowledge of “Dry basis” Protein vs “As is basis” protein.

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