Muscleblaze Hi-Protein Bar 30G Protein – Chocolate Delight (Pack Of 6)

The new MuscleBlaze 30g Protein Bar gives you an impressive dose of 30g of protein per serving. Made using the quality Whey Protein, this bar contains nothing but the best ingredients to be the revolutionary bar that is perfect to boost your muscle synthesis as well as to calm down those stubborn hunger pangs. Enriched with glutamic acid, this bar ensures that you never run out of essential nutrients to keep your muscle synthesis going. Grow big and tough muscles with this bar containing EAAs and BCAAs which fuel your muscles with amino acids to aid in the protein synthesis.High Protein Content – 30 g of protein in each bar
High in BCAA – 5.6g of BCAA in each bar
High in Glutamic Acid – 5.9g of Glutamic Acid
High in Fibre – 7.5 g Fibre
Zero Added Sugar

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