Mra Fashion Bike Riding and Cycling Anti Pollution Dust Sun Protecion Half Ninja Face Cover Mask (Black)

A clean, classic look with all the technology you’ve come to expect from Suraj Fashions. Durable premium design and material maximum performance on those polluted and dusty roads. A mask worn during every ride has proven to reduce health issues arising from Smoke and Pollution.

This face mask protects your skin from pollution, dust, wind, cold, sun and uv-rays
This mask can be worn under helmet or cap and can also be worn as it is for morning jogging or walk
Made from the softest material the face mask can be worn with ease and is very comfy. It comes with a velcro closure
This can be worn as 10 different type. Use it as headbands, headwear, neck gaiters, cravats, hairbands, scarves, beanies, balaclavas, masks, etc

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