Missby PM2.5 Particulate Respirator Anti-Dust Filter Face Mask

Two wheeler riders are 90% more exposed to pollution that contains dangerous PM2.5, harmful gases and dust particles. Especially during peak traffic hours in both morning and evening, pollution level becomes highly alarming. This becomes the reason for chronic allergies, respiratory infections, skin problems etc. Currently, people use handkerchiefs or plain cotton masks but they are not good enough to protect from pollution. Our product is launched with a mission to equip each two wheeler ride with a proper anti-pollution mask which can stay with them for a longer period of time. Because most masks available in the market are disposable ones, we have come up with Reusable Masks that can be used again and again.

With the ventilating value, the mask is safe and comfortable to wear.
Ideal for Dust, Allergies, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen, Crafts, Gardening, Travel, Anonymity.

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