MAXMI4U® Acupressure Mat – Powermat 2000 With Pyramids and Magnets and Thai Foot Massage Stick n Total Health Care Acupressure Products(Yellow)

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Acupressure is an ancient science. According to this science, there is an energy flowing throughout the universe known as “chi”. This energy flows through our body along 12 main energy channels called meridians. Theses meridians are associated with specific organ or part of the body. When this energy flow is blocked due to injury, emotional stress or imbalance life style, we tend to develop physical ailments as well as symptoms of depression and moodiness. Pressure on correct vital points will stimulate energy flow and free the blockage, unlocking tension and restoring total health. This acupressure mat consists of 22 bio magnets, energy ball, radial rings and micro point charger.
This power mat 2000 can be used as a regular mat as follows:
Stand on power mat Start spot walking on it by lifting your feet one by one slowly Use daily in morning for a whole day tone up.
For relaxation and pain control power mat can be used at any time.
Duration about 3 to 5 minutes twice a day. For tender skin, a thin cloth can be placed between feet and the mat.
This is complimentary to usual medical care if symptoms persist consult your physician. Power comb is useful for all acu-points of palm, foot, ear and face. Rub for 3 minutes as shown in the figure.
Thai Massage Stick is used as part of traditional thai foot massage. The stick is used to apply pressure to various reflex points on the foot in order to promote balance and healing in the body.
You will get exactly what you see only if you order from Maxon4u. PLEASE CONFIRM Original Seller “Sold by Maxon4u” before you add it to the cart.The power mat 2000 is designed in such a way that it helps you to place your feet in correct direction. So, that all magnets will come under the correct acupressure points. This Acupressure Mat is used for the treatment of sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, Tonsils, Depression and Allergy as well as improve Immunity Balancing Hormones.
Acupressure Kit Includes: (14-items) 1st_ One Power Comb, 2nd_One Wooden Face Massager-Pointed, 3rd_ One Wooden Face Massager-Soft, 4th_ One Acu Tool , 5th_ One K-Roll Deluxe, 6th_ One Power Ball, 7th_ One Thumb , 8th_ A Set Of 2 Acupressure Su-Jok Rings for Finger , 9th_ Energy Roll for Hand & Feet-SOFT, 10th_ Energy Roll for Hand & Feet-HARD , 11th_One Acupressure Reflexology Chart for Hand & Feet, 12th_Incense Stick Holder, 13th_Acupressure Power Mat & 14th_Thai Foot Massage Stick
Powermat consists of 22 bio magnets, energy ball, the acupressure mat helps to stimulate blood circulation, oxygen flow to every part of the body and you will feel much more energetic and far less stressed. Everyone in the family can benefit. Ideal for house wives, office executives, old persons, students, musician and sports persons. It is good for morning exercise and relaxation. Mat helps to stimulate blood circulation, oxygen flow to every part of the body.
Promotes mental peace and healthy body. Magnetic massage mat focuses on reflex points on the soles. Feels more energetic, reduce pain and relieve stress. No side effects. Easy-to-use, one size fits all.
POWER BALL: Pocket-size acupressure ball to be rolled in hand for 5 minutes daily for total health. Su-Jok rings are traditionally used to give the body energy,concentration,health and more. Simply wear the Su-Jok therapy ring on different fingers alternatively and roll it repeatedly in and out.Be amazed with the result in seconds!

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