Man’s Eternal Quest

Man’s eternal quest is a book about God: about God’s place in man’s life; in his hopes, will, aspirations, accomplishments. Life, man, achievement are but manifestations of the one omnipresent creator, as inseparable dependent on him as the wave is dependent on the ocean. Paramahansa Yogananda explains why and how man was created by God, and how he is immutably a part of God, and what this means to each one personally. Realisation of the oneness of man and his creator is the whole essence of yoga. An understanding of man’s inescapable need for God, in every aspect of living, removes the other worldliness from religion and makes knowing God the basis of a scientific and practical approach to life. Topics include: healing by God’s unlimited power the University of yoga God as light & joy even-mindedness in a world of change reincarnation: the soulless journey to perfection.

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