Losing Weight With Ayurveda and Yoga

Most of the modern diets to lose weight are based upon leaving out one of the major food components like fat, protein or carbohydrates. This kind of deprived regimen is not natural and is harmful for health. Ayurvedic wholesome diet is promising for losing and maintaining weight. Contrary to other diets, this promotes your energy and purifies your body.The book has well-researched Ayurvedic holistic diet to lose, and maintain weight and regain health and energy. It has exclusive concepts in nutrition like the S-Factor (satisfaction factor) with food, and to judge over-weight not only from your scale but from the shape of your body and methods to trim specific parts of your body. It is an exceptional piece of analytical work in this field that integrates ancient wisdom into modern life. Recipes given in the book are delicious and health promoting and thus it is not a diet with suffering and deprivation. This book has also been published in German and Slovenian.Author’s other publications1. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra: A Scientific Exposition (Published in English, Hindi and German).2. Ayurveda for Inner Harmony: Nutrition, Sexual Energy and Healing (Published in English, German, Italian, French, Romanian and Hindi).3. Ayurveda a Way of Life (Published in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Slovenian and Hindi).4. The Kamasutra for Women (Published in English [America and India], German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian Hindi and Malayalam). 5. Stress-free Work with Yoga and Ayurveda (Published in German, English [America and India] and Hindi).6. Patanjali and Ayurvedic Yoga (Published in English, German and Hindi).7. Programming Your Life with Ayurveda (Published in German, French, English, Slovenian and Czech).8. Ayurvedic Food Culture and Recipes (Published in English, German, Czech and Hindi).9. Yoga: A Natural Way of Being (Published in English, German, French, Italian and Hindi).10. Companionship and Sexuality (Based on Ayurveda and the Hindu tradition) (Published in English and German).11. Natural Glamour: The Ayurveda Beauty Book (Published in German, Spanish and English)12. Losing and Maintaining Weight with Ayurveda and Yoga (Published in English, Slovenian and German).13. The Timeless Wisdom of Ayurveda: A Scientific Exposition (Published in English and German)14. Prakriti and Pulse: The Two Mysteries of Ayurveda (Published in German) 15. Good Food for Dogs: Vegetarian nourishment based on Ayurvedic wisdom (Published in German and English)16. Diet for Losing Weight (published in German and English)17. AUM: The Infinite Energy (Published in German and English)18. Pulse Diagnose in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine (co-author for TCM Dr. Florian Ploberger) (published in German)19. Shiva’s Secrets for Health and Longevity (published in German and English)20. Healing Hands: The Ayurvedic Massage workbook (published in English)21. Prevention of Dementia (published in German, Slovenian and English)22. Ayurveda for Dogs (published in German and English)23. Numerology: Based on the Vedic Tradition (published in Slovenian and English)24. Ayurvedic Cuisine: God’s own Apothecary, Simple Healing Remedies from Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices (in preparation)

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