Living Room Fitness: A Shopper’s Guide On The Perfect Exercise Equipment To Get For Your Home Gym (Fitness Equipment Series Guides)

Are you looking to buy workout equipment for your home? Then this is the guide for you to make the right decisions! Choosing the right fitness equipment is the first step, how to use it properly and effectively is next and we got it all covered!

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • How to Find The Right Exercise Bikes for You
  • Bicycling Basics for an Overall Workout
  • The Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer
  • What’s a Recumbent Exercise Bike and How It Can Benefit You
  • Exercise Balls for Your Home Gym Workout
  • Proper Exercise Methods for Utilizing a Medicine Ball
  • The Power of Pilates And What It Does for Your Body
  • How Yoga Can Benefit Your Exercise Program
  • The Bowflex Bandwagon
  • A Guide to Gloves, Mats, Belts and More
  • Ten Tricks to Sneak in Exercise in Your Daily Routine
  • And Many More…

Whether you want a complete home gym or a single piece of equipment, use this guide to learn more about the various types of fitness equipment, what they’re used for and how they might benefit you and, most importantly, whether or not they will be a good fit for your specific needs

This book will make you better equipped to research, shop for, and purchase everything you need to put together your perfect home gym. You will be at ease shopping online or in a store without fear.

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