LALA LIFE Push Up Bar Stand with Soft Grip for Gym Exercise Fitness Home Workout Push Up Bars Stand Handle Fat Burning & Full Body Training for Chest & Arms Tool for Men and Women

Push Up Stands are a great way to enhance the overall development of the upper body, including both the chest and triceps. Three components per stand snap together for easy assembly. By gripping the handles of the stands, you’ll enjoy a greater range of motion during push-ups, helping your muscles develop even more efficiently. What’s more, the stands are extremely compact, it lets you get in a great workout anytime, anywhere. I

Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Carry. Detachable for easy storage.
Ergonomic design reduces strain on wrists and maximizes your effort with deeper push-ups.
Suitable for power push up training
Let’s you perfect your body shape with daily workout of dips and pushups

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