Kirit Ayurveda Cyclist Massage Oil

Massage the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, back muscles, neck muscles, arms, hands, and wrists before and after cycling to relax and strengthen the muscles.

WHY ONLY THIS CYCLIST MASSAGE OIL: It improves blood circulation and massage on the back helps in high blood pressure. Massage with this oil can create room between muscles and make them more flexible. It reduces the fear of injury. It reduces stiffness of muscles by increasing mobility and functionality. It is made of pure and natural herbs. It minimizes the numbness of body organs.
HOW TO USE: 1.Take some drops of Kirit Ayurveda Cyclist Massage oil in your palm. 2. Apply it gently on your body parts. 3. Massage only for 5-6 minutes in a circular motion. 4. Now you are ready for cycling.
Pure and organic: Our promise is that we only use large quantities of high quality organic and natural ingredients with zero toxins. All our ingredients are sourced directly from plants, herbs and other natural resources only that have been grown organically.

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