Kerala Ayurveda Punarnavasavam 435 Ml

Punarnavasavam is a famous Ayurvedic formulation that helps relieve swelling associated with various diseases. It supports the functions of urinary system and aids relief from generalised oedema. The intake of Punarnavasavam also helps correct anemia, ascites, spleen and liver disorders, fever, flatulence and hyperacidity.

Punarnavasavam contains ingredients like dry ginger, long pepper etc helps boost digestive activity and thus aids relief from flatulence and hyperacidity. Punarnavasavam acts on urinary system and helps relieve UTI, urogenital infections etc.
“Usage: Adults – 15 to 25 ml twice daily after food or as directed by the Physician Children – 5 to 15 ml after food twice daily or as directed by the Physician”
Target Audience: All Adults
100% Herbal and Natural | No added Fragrance or Colour | Chemical & Paraben Free | No Mineral Oil or Petroleum by-products used

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