Inditradition Yoga Strap Resistance Band, Latex Rubber, 01 Pc

This Fitness Exercise Resistance Band helps you strengthen your entire body while increasing flexibility. It is much more effective than weights as it expands to help you with different stretching exercises. The flexibility of this band allows you to do a range of lower and upper body exercises. It is a total body fitness equipment that builds muscles, flexibility and balance. The band handle is also comfortable to try strenuous routines without straining your hands. It is portable and gives you the freedom to do workouts in your home, gym or take it with you outdoors on picnics, trips and travel.

Ideal for both women and men of all fitness levels. It is great for beginners wanting to start a simple and easy workout from your house or for those who are already exercising and working on their fitness. It suits people of varying fitness and resistance levels.
This stretch band offers resistance to work muscles throughout the whole body progressively and safely. Use the resistance band for legs, arms, back, ankles, hips or shoulders. It improves one’s stamina, strength, balance, flexibility and fitness.
This resistance band is durable and built to last. Stretch, snap and sweat resistant, it can be stretched repeatedly year after year unlike many other fitness bands or physical therapy rehab bands. It is made from eco-friendly natural latex material. The band handle has good cushioning and will not hurt your hands while you exercise. You can wash the band with water or wipe with soft cloth.
Dimensions : Length – 60 Inches x Width – 6 Inches

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