Horlicks Growth Plus – Health and Nutrition Drink, 400 g Pet Jar (Vanilla Flavor)

Price: INR 520.00
(as of Jan 13,2020 10:29:20 UTC โ€“ Details)

Horlicks Growth+ is a Paediatrician Designed, Advanced Nutrition which helps children Catch Up on Growth. Horlicks Growth+ is clinically proven health drink that gives balanced (healthy) catch-up on growth. Horlicks Growth+ contains high quality protein known to help grow muscles leading to healthy weight gain for your child. Horlicks Growth+ provides all the key type II nutrients known as growth nutrients (Protein, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc and Sodium) which are known to support growth.Horlicks Growth+ has been designed & tested by World renowned experts for healthy catch up on growth.
Clinically Proven to provide 3 times more growth in 90days
Specially formulated with high quality whey protein to help children who had fallen behind the average height and weight for their age
Contains essential amino acids arginine, glutamic acid, leucine and lysine to naturally activate growth in bones for strong healthy children
Easily digested and quickly absorbed into the body
Recommended for children in age group 3 โ€“ 9 years

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