Healthkart Protein- 50% Protein with Whey & Casein (By HealtKart) Cafe Mocha-1 Kg

Price: INR 1,650.00 - INR 899.00
(as of Jan 16,2020 15:52:48 UTC โ€“ Details)

HealthKart protein is a delicious protein drink, which is extracted from milk and soy. It comes with a perfect blend of 3 premium quality proteins: soy, whey and casein. These proteins help to provide the essential amino acids, which are required by your body and work to build immunity, strength and good health in men and women of all ages. An average diet provides you with approximately 30g protein per day, which is much less than the minimum required amount of protein approx 55g. Shortage of protein in the diet extremely affects immunity, growth and well-being, which results in weakness. So, to get rid of the increased risk of protein deficiency, start consuming HealthKart Protein that comes with the loaded goodness of 27 vitamins and minerals.HealthKart Protein is a delicious drink, which contains protein extracted from natural sources
Each serving provides 15 g protein per 30 g serving
HealthKart Protein is a perfect blend of 3 quality proteins โ€“ whey, soy and casein
It is fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals and has PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1.0, the highest value for any protein source
HealthKart Protein comes in a delicious chocolate flavour

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