Fur Jaden Stylish Long Ladies Wallet for Women with Zip Pocket, Multiple Card Holders and Phone Pocket

Product Description

A wallet is one of the most important accessories of any individual to store their essentials. Crafted by Fur Jaden, these multipurpose leather wallets serve this purpose. Built with multiple slots that can carry your phone, cards and cash while you transit. Distinguish yourself from the crowd with these durable and stylish wallets.

About Us: Fur Jaden, inspired by the generation of young achievers. They aim to craft accessories with thoughtful design, good aesthetics and functionality which could accompany many confident men and women who face their urban adventures with effortless charm, cool confidence, and fearless spirit.

Elegantly designed light weight and durable, sleek and slim composition and crafted with Leather (PU leather) these wallets are built with multiple slots to organize yourself with style.

When you go out, items like mobile phones, ID cards, license, credit and debit cards are important. These are easy to be misplaced or lost because most of the time we just slip them into bags and start searching for them again in a jam. To solve this problem you need a wallet that is both compact and secure, Fur Jaden wallets do just that.

Equipped with a button lock and a zipper these wallets provide extra safety, keeps all your contents in place and avoids anything from slipping outside.

Its style beats a fold type wallet. It is larger and has space for multiple cards. Like breast pocket wallet it is unique and formal. And like a wrist wallet it is easy to carry it around even if you don’t have a pocket.

It features a separate pouch to hold a mobile phone and can hold more than 12 cards of suitable shapes and sizes. Carry business cards credit/debit cards, ID and licenses.

Store bank notes without having to fold them thanks to this wallets thin and long design. You may also keep important documents inside. It is a very suitable companion when you are traveling or socializing.

MATERIAL – We ensure that all our wallets are Crafted with Best Quality PU Leather. They are manufactured to last long and sustain a rugged life.
Dimensions – 18.5 x 10.5 x 2.8 CMs. Card Slots – More than 12 Cards.
Warranty: 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing Defects
Hassle Free Return and Exchange: 10 Days No Questions Asked Exchange and Return Available on this Wallet

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