Fully Face Mask For Pollution For Men And Women Mouth Mask For Boys Set Of 4 Pcs Pack Of 1

Face Mask For Men & Boys / UV protection Face Mask For the ultimate in design, comfort and fit trust FULLY . Our patented neoprene facemask has a piped outer edge that prolongs the life of the mask and creates a better seal around your face. Do not trust the no name imitators. Do not settle for inferior materials with chemical smell, poor fit and lack of quality control. Buy the brand you can trust with a manufacturer who stands behind its products. Why chose our Fleece Windproof FACE MASK? Our windproof face mask perfect protect from cold weather ,cold wind and dust, while skiing, motorcycling, running, cycling, trekking, fishing, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities. We will give you a natural and inherent UV protection because it covers the skin from damaging rays. The Hi-tech lightweight fleece make our cold winter mask easy to breath, wrinkle free and give your skin a soft feeling, you can feel free to wear it on you head for hours. One size fit all people, Designed for men and women Machine washable and can be dried.FITS HEAD PERFECT and KEEPS EARS and NOSE WARM Neoprene is the perfect insulator. Made with 100% Neoprene with stitched outer piping to ensure a great fit. One size fits most
PROVIDES MAXIMUM FACE PROTECTION Protect your head and face from the elements. Wind, dust, cold, snow, rain, you name it this mask will protect you. Perfect for chilly mornings or windy days
SUPER COMFY for Motorcycling, Skiing, Running, Biking, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Snowboarding, Airsoft paintball, Hunting, Tactical training, Cycling and other outdoor activities
REVERSIBLE DESIGN Facemask can be worn with the design side out or reversed to solid black

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