FITUP LIFE 4mm PVC Free, EVA Yoga Mat (Orange or Grey)- Optimal Stability – Longevity – Soft & Firm (Imported)

Brand : Fitup Life

Product Type : EVA Yoga Mat (Product Available with 4mm size variant & 6mm size variant)


About Product:

Our mats use natural, clean and healthy material that contains no PVC, cadmium, lead or phthalates and is non-allergenic, lightweight and 100% recyclable. The moisture resistant material and waterproof property also make our mat long lasting and easy to wash. With textures on both sides, our mat is slip resistant and suitable for all types of exercises.

We offer you to enjoy this classic, rubber & non-slip mat, which offer excellent cushioning, comfort and absorbency, allowing you to get the most out of your yoga practice. This washable and durable mat is available in a choice of colors & sizes.

Our Mats are designed for yoga, but these mats have also been used for Pilates, hot yoga, aerobic mats, gym, exercise, and beach and anywhere the mat would be needed. These mats can also be used both indoors and out. It’s very easy to clean, and as an added bonus, our mat also offers you with the longevity.


Shock Absorbing- If you’re sensitive to hard surfaces or practice a form of yoga with lots of jumping, like Ashtanga, this mat is an excellent option. It provides more cushioning than the average yoga mats. Our mats are intended to be used for variety of yoga styles. Our Mats are eco-friendly, biodegradable and PVC free and are designed for better grip. It also provides cushioning for the joints without sacrificing stability in standing postures.
Non-toxic PVC Free – Our Eva yoga mat is completely non-toxic i.e. PVC free mats are something you will love to spend time with & also it’s material offers good durability, stickiness & comfort. The Mats that we offer you are designed and made by experienced yoga practitioners using premium quality raw materials to make your yoga practice more comfortable, unhindered and focused
Anti Slip – If you tend to sweat a lot during your practice, our Eva Foam 6mm mat is for you. Its intense grip surface not only stops slipping, but actually gets rid of moisture using absorbent technology that soaks up liquid
Waterproof – The moisture resistant material and waterproof property also makes our yoga mat long lasting and easy to wash. Our Mats reduce slipping during the yoga practice and can be easily washed. Even the Mats that we offer you have high perspiration absorption capability and are environment-friendly. You can also wipe it down really quickly, so it’s easy to clean
Fully Reversible – This mat is fully reversible so that it can be used for various types of yoga. The textured side is idle for hot yoga, & the smooth side works well for restorative or gentle yoga. Our Mats will make your yoga practice completely enjoyable and comfortable

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