Electronic Spices Charger Module TP 4056 Micro USB Lithium Battery Charging Converter with Overcharge Discharge Over-Current Protection Charging Board (5V,18650)

Description: Inputs with MICRO USB female, can be directly input to do with the phone charger rechargeable lithium battery. And still retains the input voltage wiring pads, can be very convenient DIY. Note: The charge should disconnect the load OUT terminal on the positive and negative can not be wrong, please according to specifications, otherwise it will damage directly. Note: The first time you access the battery, it may no voltage between the output OUT + and OUT-, then access 5V voltage charge your energy can activate the protection circuit, and the battery from the B+ B-, then draw a line on the short open also need recharged to activate the protection circuit. Note that the charger must be able to output 1A or more to do when using a mobile phone charger input, or may not charge. + MICRO USB female and next – pads for the power input, access 5V. B + positive then the lithium battery, B- then negative lithium batteries. OUT + and OUT- connected to the load, such as positive and negative electrodes connected mobile booster plate or other load. Connect the battery to the B + B-, inserted into the USB female mobile phone charger, the red light is being charged, the green light to full.

With Overcharge, Discharge, Over-Current Protection function, Battery Discharge Protection Voltage: 2.5V, Battery Over-Current Protection Current: 3A
With Micro USB socket at the input port, can directly use the phone charger as input to charge for lithium battery, and keep connection solder joint. Convenient to DIY.
After connecting the lithium battery to B+ and B-, join up 5V input, red light indicates on charge, green light indicates fully charged.
The charging current would be better 0.37 times than battery capacity. (eg. 1000mAH battery charging current is 400mA) Disconnect load while charging, OUT / B output positive and negative reverse connection will damage the module.

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