Drone Dogs

Autumn, 2017. Chicago’s skies are clogged with drones. Drones which deliver tacos, tasers or terror. The Super Cyclops facial-recognition drone, incendiary Vulcan Twister and tiny Mosquito, which can inoculate, inject or irk. Due to the popular Drone-O-LimpX reality show, everyone’s droning: TV crews, oppo researchers, drone-peepers, gang-bangers, dronie-snapping tweens. But when a drone graphically kills a beloved giraffe, the public turns against the unrestricted industry. Big Drone battles SAFE (“Skies Are For Everyone”), which would ban armed drones and impose drone taxes. Epic rumbles rage in the Halls of Congress and Skies of Chicago, where a local cop and FBI agent take to the sky to end a gang drone war. Drone Dogs is a parable about technology in the hands of idiots and call for public debate about new technologies.

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