Dr Physio (USA) Electric Full Body Massager Machine for Pain Relief of Back, Leg and Foot- 1021

Price: INR 2,500.00
(as of Jan 28,2020 15:26:35 UTC – Details)

Buy Dr Physio Full Body Massager 1021 to enjoy professional-level deep body massage at home! This light and handheld design allow to perform the massaging process yourself just by sitting and switching it on. It uses four interchangeable heads for delivering a complete personalized body massage. The massage intensity is easy to set as per the comfort and convenience of the user through the control knob. Itshandheld design allows delivering percussion action massage on all hard-to-reach spots of the entire body. It massages waist, back, arms, neck, shoulders, legs, and feet to reduce muscle tension and fatigue. It improves blood circulation in the body and leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated after every massage session. So, Hurry Up! Buy Now to enjoy deep tissue massage every day at homeSwitch among 4 different massage heads to enjoy customized massage. Changeable massage heads; flat head and wavy head, ball head & dead skin removal head deliver varied massage effects
Massager operates at voltage – 220V with 1500-2900 RPM rotation speed to deliver deep tissue massage. Adjust the power and intensity of the massager through the rotational knob
The massager delivers deep pressure in a focused area to relieve muscle tension quickly. It’s long non-slip handle makes easy to reach the tough spots like back, legs, and others with one hand
It has combined infrared therapy with massage for more effective results. Infrared rays penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues for offering instant pain relief
Comes with easy to use handgrip and power knob on the top. Simply rotate the knob to switch the massage speed of your choice. Rotate the knob in an anti-clockwise direction to turn off the product

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