Dharamsala: A Travel Guide to Tibetan Culture, Buddhism, Monasteries, Meditation and Yoga in the Indian Himalaya

Written from the point of view of a long time Dharamsala and India traveler, this book gives you a detailed idea of what the town has to offer to tourists looking for a trip beyond a regular holiday. It is not a typical guidebook which gives you a quick glimpse of what you can see in Dharamsala, and unlike the Lonely Planet or other similar typed guidebooks, there are no hotel or restaurant recommendations. What you will find is detailed information on various activities and programmes you can participate in to add to your travel experience in Dharamsala in a more meaningful way. This includes detailed information on language, philosophy, alternative medicine and cultural related programmes, a list of institutes where you can engage in more serious and longer term Buddhism or Tibetan studies, tips on where to find opportunities to volunteer in a variety of roles, and information about small regional places which will interest a tourist traveling to Dharamsala. The book seeks to provide information that is lacking in other broad based India guidebooks and to collate more comprehensive information which will help you to design a holiday where you can participate fully in the many activities available to a tourist in Dharamsala. Therefore, this guidebook is targeted at travelers with not just a mere interest in doing a ‘touch and go’ holiday, but those who want to be more involved with the community, and to know the place and its people at a deeper level so you leave with a more interesting and meaningful holiday experience. It is hoped that this book will help you gain an experience which stays with you for a long time to come and will encourage you to plan for other similarly styled holidays, looking beyond ordinary sightseeing trips.

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