Coolcrash 6mm Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yoga mat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise – Long Size Yoga Mat for Men Women

6mm Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yoga mat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise – Long Size Yoga Mat for Men Women The yoga mat is the cushion that is laid down when practicing yoga. Currently, the yoga mat is divided into a traditional yoga mat and Correction position yoga mat: Traditional yoga mats are yoga mats without lines. Correction position yoga mat is a yoga mat with lines. It not only has the traditional functions of traditional yoga mats, but also guides the practice of more scientific and precise yoga. This yoga mat is a must have exercising accessory for anyone who likes to follow an active lifestyle. It is perfect for yoga, stretching and Pilates lessons, and other floor exercising such as abs workout routines, stretching and cool down at the end of every practice session. Our workout exercise mats are designed with dual layers; a comfortable dense textured non-slip surface on the practice side and a non-slip texture for the floor. The non-slip bottom allows the mat to grip the floor more firmly while the practice side provides optimum cushioning for your knees, elbows, hips, and spine without impeding your stability and balance. Product Details: Material: Anti-slip Type: Yoga Mat Component Included: 1 X 6mm Yoga mat Features: Double side anti-slip: The texture for the surface, wave texture of the backside, can firmly grasp the ground and body when you used, make the skid resistance is greatly improved. Excellent resilience and standard thickness: Best thickness design, do not cut the foot; Rapid rebound in 0.1 seconds, no deformation of the yoga mat after use. Waterproof and Easy to clean: After using, wiping with wet cloth and dry it in the air, if have smudgy not easy rub off, usable wool brush is brushed wash.

MAXIMUM EXERCISE PERFORMANCE: Thoughtfully designed with unparalleled comfort and support in mind. The high-density design and the textured surface stabilizes your body, relieves pressure points in all yoga postures, aids in balance to hold postures longer and provides graduated support for your joints and knees
PROTECTION FROM GERMS: Yoga mats are helpful in protecting your body from germs and bacteria on the floor. Even if you are practicing yoga in a group of individually, you can be the potential prey to the germs and bacteria. So in order to avoid that yoga mats are used.
COMFORT & SUPPORT YOUR WHOLE BODY: Yoga exercises are of differenr types. They involve the whole body. If yoga mats are there, they will definitely produce comfort for you. That will help you perform your yoga with more focus. Yoga mats are soft, they provide comfort as well as support for your body in your different yoga exercises.
KEEP YOUR BODY WARM: Yoga mats keep your body warm and help in retaining your energy for the body. It helps to keep your energy directed towards the part of the body you need to have.

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