BUkkL PPE Safety Kit for Full Body Protection- Non-Suffocating+Comfortable For Travelling- 95 GSM- Polyproplyene material White (1 Pc)

Product Description



Overall & Shoes Cover (Part 1)

• Breathable Ergonomic Design • Splash Resistant, soft elastic and non woven material. • The cover ail provides comfort fit in design based on extensive wearer input to provide our most comfortable garments designed to ensure a greater range of movement while stretching and bending.

Overall & Shoes Cover (Part 2)

• Long front zipper closure for easy wearing and take off. • All 5 openings with wlasticated finish for free size fit – Arms, Legs and Face. • Standard size medium to large – free size. Total product weight upto 330 gm. • N011 Woven-spun bounded. poly propylene materials not less than 95 GSM with filterable efficiency of 99% for particles of 3 microns site – fabric standard ISO 13485-20161NS-EN.


Natural Rubber latex product Medium 6.5 site gloves. One Pair, disposable, sterile EC. Micro rough surface at palm for better grip. Powdered using FDA approved dusting powcier. • 100% Inspected Gloves Meting AQL 1.5 Levels. ‘ Sterile until package is opened or damaged. ‘ Gloves Manufactured in accordance with EN455/ASTM D3577 Standars. PVC Eye Mask Disposable Bag

Eye Protection with velcro .

• Free size and adjustable ‘ Fog Free clear visibility PVC sheet ‘ Scratch Proof Surface ‘ Soft and face contour friendly.

3 Ply Face Mask

Bacteria Resistance ” Offer Great Breathability. . Splash Resistance. Size 175x95mm SITRA approved ” 99% Bacterial Filteration.

Polybag for final disposal

Remove and put in bag. • Tie knot and dispose off.

FAce SHieldFAce SHield

Face Shield Important Instruction:

Please remove lamination film both sides before use . Lamination has been placed to protect face shield from scratches.

Face Shield and Facemask- 3 Ply Mask
Shoecover- Non Woven – 95 GSM
HoodCap: NON-Woven – 95 Gsm
Handgloves – Natural Rubber Latex and Disposable bag

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